Debt or Taxes?  Choose!

Debt or Taxes? Choose!

Slash spending and high end tax, Burning “Red Tape” and Purging what is left of Government infrastructure without any attempt to build the revenue side of the equation by any other repeatable sustainable methodology (i.e. Mining tax on SUPER-profits)  is no  way to manage and protect an economy.  Exactly how does this Slash, Burn, Purge and minimal intake of Revenue work for the Australian economy?  [Note purging capitol asset infrastructure policy (as opposed to developing sustainable business based models of sustainable and repeatable revenue streams) in non-sustainable short-term revenue acquisition.]  What long term model of building a sound economy is represented by  scrapping trade training centers (amongst other education cuts), manufacturing and climate management authorities/efforts?  What long term revenue building is represented in scrapping mining & climate taxes and selling capital (besides, non-repeatable asset sales  have always resulted in long-term sustained  higher ongoing costs to the community).  Sure it is pandering to Mining and Media Magnates and the interests of 1% of the Australian population but how does that demonstrate representation of the majority of Australian People?  How does this ideology serve the Australian People or improve the economy?  Where is there a long-term vision?  I understand that Rudd’s government wasn’t ideal either (driven by ego and corruption as it was), but between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, the appropriate choice might be to hope you can swim.  Are there “Greener” pastures we should aim for?  When will we as a people wise up and consider that the two party system does not serve us and start to allow other players get on board?