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There is no commentary available on the pages as I don’t wish to clutter them and they are introductions to the subjects I post on. By all means refer to the lead page in an associated post. Each page has a category associated with it (i.e. The Voting page category happens to be “voting” and so all posts associated with the menu page show up under the main article or you can just click on the links in the sidebar under “Categories”) There are some categories for which I have not produced a lead page. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Needing to register is merely to manage spam, idiots and trolls, etc. I prefer an educated dialogue. By all means disagree but let’s make this a conversation and an exchange of ideas. I am opinionated and you are welcome to be but I will block you from my site if you are wasting my time with rubbish. It’s my site and I decide what is rubbish. Live with it! Profanity will be automatically filtered and only allowed to show up at my discretion, so if you do wish to swear make it clever!